WooCommerce Cash On Delivery Plus Fee

Add fee to the Cash On Delivery payments

This is a WooCommerce plugin that adds new payment Cash On Delivery method with additional fees to your shop. The fees are calculated based on rules you set in WooCommerce admin panel. It can be the fee that the collector takes for the service, part of it, or your own.

You can choose between percentage or fixed amount for every calculation rule.

When a customer selects Cash On Delivery payment method, the system adds a fee based on his cart amount.

The fee is removed if another payment method is selected.

The rules are very flexible and can be defined as an amount or as a percent of the cart contents value

There are two ways to install the Cash on Delivery Plus Fee plugin:
I. By uploading the plugin zip package:
1. In the Wordpress admin panel go to Plugins

2. At the top of the page click the Add New button


3. When on Add Plugins page, click the Upload Plugin button


4. You will be presented with an upload form as below. Select the ngm-wc-codpf.zip file you found in archive you downloaded from CodeCanyon and click Install Now


5. The following page will show live update on the install process. Once finished click on the Activate Plugin link


or click Return to plugins and when convenient for you activate the plugin from the plugin list, by clicking on the Activate link below the plugin name.



II. If you have issues uploading or processing zip files to your server

1. Unzip the ngm-wc-codpf.zip file

2. Upload its content to /wp-content/plugins folder in your Wordpress installation

3. Open or refresh the Wordpress Plugins page and you will find the plugin in the list

4. Enable it as in the second option in I. 5.


After the module is installed you need to configure the Cash on Delivery payment method. See how to do that in the next section Configuration.

To use the Cash on Delivery Plus Fee payment method, first you need to enable and configure it from the WooCommerce settings. To do that follow these steps:

I. From the Wordpress admin panel, go to WooCommerce and choose Settings

II. At the settings page, click on the Checkout tab, to go to the WooCommerce checkout settings

III. You will be presented with various settings for the checkout and the list table with the available payment gateways at the bottom of the page. Click on the Settings button next to the payment gateway with ID "codpf"

IV. Once at the Cash on Delivery Plus Fee page you have the following settings available:

1. Enable - You can Enable/Disable the method without deactivating the plugin

2. Title - Payment method description that the customer will see on your checkout

3. Description - Payment method description that the customer will see on your website

4. Instructions - Instructions that will be added to the thank you page

5. Enable for shipping methods - If Cash on Delivery payment is only available for certain shipping methods, set it up here. Leave blank to enable for all methods.

6. Enable for virtual orders - Enable Cash on Delivery Plus Fee method, if the order is virtual

7. Fee label - Label for the fee in the Order Totals

8. Default fee type - Default fee type will be used if none is specified in the Rates table

9. Include Shipping Fee - Include the shipping fee in the Cart Total used for the calculations of the fee

10. COD Plus Fee Rates - In this table for you must set the rules used for calculating the fee amount. The calculations are based on the amount that customer has in their checkout.  Each rule has these settings

- Total From: The minimum cart amount that the rule will be applied for

- Total To: The maximum cart amount that the rule will be applied for

- Fee: The fee amount that will be applied if the cart amount is valid for that rule

- Fee type: The fee type can be amount or a percent, if nothing specified, the Default fee type from setting 8 will be used

Example scenario:

You set the following rules and the currency in your shop is US Dollars ($)

- If the customer has bought product with value from $0 to $20, the fee is $2 (as the fee type is not specified, the system will use the default one, which is Amount in this example)

- The fee for cart amounts equal and bigger than $20 and less than $35 would be $3

- The fee for cart amounts equal and biggerthan $35 and less than $50 would be $5

- The cart amount range from $50 to $100, will calculate a percent, which in this case is 10. So if the customer have bought products for $70, the fee will be $7 (which is 10% of 70), cart amount for $80 is $8 fee, etc.

- If you set the Total To to 0 or leave it blank (as in the last rule of the example) the rule would be valid and will be applied for every cart amount, which is more than or equal to the Total From value of this rule.

Please note that the module is developed and tested on sevelal different WooCommerce environemts, but not with every possible theme, or set of plugins.

Wordpress hook or JavaScript issues are not likely, but possible.

In such cases, please contact us at support@nigamo.com with any issues you experience using our module. We would be happy to help and assist. Normally we reply in 24 hours during working days and in 48 hours in the weekends.

We are open for any suggestions and request on how to improve any of our work. If we find it good to include it in a new (sub)version, we will do it for free as quick as possible. Any other styling and customization, not suitable for distribution is considered an additional work, which we'll be happy to provide at price 40€/hour.